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Bleak VC Quarter? Why?

June 30, 2008:

Matt Richtel over at the New York Times wrote an interesting article last week titled, “Venture Investors Wrap Up an Unusually Bleak Quarter.” The main data point that spurred the article is that this is the first quarter since 1978 that not one venture backed company went public.  I don’t aim to dispute the facts.  This is indeed true.  However, the article goes on to imply that the buyside doesn’t want the companies being backed by VCs.  This perspective is most strongly suggested by Paul Kedrosky, investor and the author of Infectious Greed, “There is nothing that the industry is producing that investors want…The stuff they’re investing in […]

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Back to Blogging (maybe)…

June 19, 2008:

I haven’t written a public post in over two years, and many people ask me when I might write again. The bottom line is I have been really busy. Busy with our investments here at Benchmark, and busy with three growing kids at home.  But in the end, I am quite fond of writing, and I have been inspired by some of the great writing of others. That being the case, i thought I would start with an overview of some of the blogs that I visit daily, with a brief overview explaining why. My first two stops each day […]

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