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MMOs (MMORPGs) Continue to Rock

April 27, 2006:

MMOs (MMORPGs) Continue to Rock There is a great deal of interesting activity in MMO land these days. You may remember that we highlighted the invest-abilty of this trend/category about 18 months ago . Despite my enthusiasm, I could have never anticipated the massive impact of World of Warcraft. It appears today to be the most valuable title in the history of gaming. There are also rumors that Vivendi (parent of Blizzard) may spin it out to get full credit from investors. Huge Kudos to the team at Blizzard for firing the “shot heard round the world”. Some updates and tidbits: There is a new subscriber update at MMOGCHART.com . This is a great site that tracks subscriber counts for the major titles. […]

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Why SOX Will Lead to the Demise of U.S. Markets

April 5, 2006:

Everyone should read this article from the CEO of Nasdaq . He is properly concerned that the overly bureaucratic Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) processes could lead to the end of global domination by the U.S. capital markets. Ironically, the two gentlemen that created SOX did it with the intention of “preserving” U.S. capital market leadership. Their fear was that people viewed our markets as too risky, and so they created SOX to ensure that investors would “trust” our markets. It turns out that SOX is doing the opposite – it is ensuring the demise of the leadership of U.S. capital markets. New up and coming companies outside the U.S. are now shunning […]

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