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Bill Gurley’s Comments on the IPO Market on CNBC

June 1, 2009:

CallidusIPOLast Thursday, while attending the Wall Street Journal "D" conference, I was asked by Scott Wapner at CNBC to share my thoughts on the current IPO market.

Here is the link to the video.

If anyone knows how to embed these CNBC/NBC videos in WordPress.com (the SAAS web version, not the software package), let me know.  I tried to insert the HTML embed code with no luck – every time you try to “update post” the code is wiped out.


  1. Eric June 1, 2009

    Were you in HTML mode vs. visual mode in the editor?

    • bgurley June 1, 2009

      HTML mode

  2. Asif June 2, 2009

    Bill, I tried embedding it in a test post on my new iPhone apps related website and was able to get it to work.


    I used the HTML mode.

    The only things I can think of is that you may not have the Shockwave plugin installed, are on a different version of WordPress or missed a line from the Embed code, which is 12 tags (lines) long.

    The embed code is given below.

  3. John June 4, 2009

    Fine job there Bill, fine job. …Twitter go public – yikes.

  4. Mark Suster October 20, 2009

    If I’m not mistaken you need to pay a separate fee to WordPress in order to embed video. But I was sufficiently disappointed with the inability to embed anything or add Javascript that I finally moved to the .org version (e.g. self hosted) vs. SaaS version. Much happier.


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