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The State of Texas Refuses to Block Municipal Broadband

March 21, 2005:

It appears that people are listening to the voices of the cities and their citizens, who are asking state legislators to say "no" to special anti-competitive provisions being asked for by incumbent carriers and MSOs.  Recent language in a Texas bill was  removed, thanks in part to a large grass roots movements in Texas.  Let’s hope it doesn’t re-emerge as an amendment on the floor. Texas joins Indiana and Illinois as key states that have voted in favor of consumers and broadband.  Let’s hope others follow suit.

The battle now moves to Colorado, where the current language is perhaps the harshest ever seen.  This proposed bill, in its original form, would prohibit a city from helping any new carrier whatsoever get started.  It’s a pure and blatant anti-competitive move.  It’s been modified slightly, but it is still one of the harshest proposals of any state, and once again created only to help the incumbent carriers by removing competition.  Consumers do not benefit from this language.

Let’s hope the state legislators in CO have the same sense as those in Texas and Indiana.

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